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Dolibarr est une solution Open source de gestion de relation clientèle et bien plus encore.

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Call For Tenders For a M.O.O.C. For Dolibarr Software
12 novembre, par contact@dolibarr.org (eldy)
The Dolibarr foundation is looking for a company to build a M.O.O.C (Massive Open Online Course) for Dolibarr ERP CRM software. The goal is to provide, in a future, free courses, available to everyone, to learn the basics of Dolibarr ERM CRM software version 9. More information on how to apply (...)
First Dolibarr Event in Vienna (Austria) 7.12.2018
10 octobre, par contact@dolibarr.org (Tiaris)
First Doliday in Vienna Austria on 7th december 2018 The german speaking Community helds its first Doliday in Vienna (Austria) on 7th december 2018. Program User experience sharing Tip and tricks around Dolibarr, How to get involved in Dolibarr Community Networking and future projects The (...)
Dolibarr at OpenExpo 2018 in Madrid
5 mai, par contact@dolibarr.org (eldy)
Dolibarr Spain, one more year, bet on the most important Open Source event in Spain, we talk about Open Expo Europe 2018. Again, Dolibarr collaborates as Bronze Partner of this event. It will be held the 6th and 7th June, in Madrid, so we encourage everyone who wants to participate in (...)
2017 retrospective Dolibarr
31 janvier, par contact@dolibarr.org (eldy)
Dolibarr ERP & CRM infographic : The 2017 retrospective... Read More ...
Dolibarr is present at Paris OpenSource Summit 2017 (6 - 7 december)
Décembre 2017, par contact@dolibarr.org (eldy)
The Dolibarr team is present on the Dolibarr ERP & CRM stand during the Paris Open Source Summit congress (POSS), in Paris, the 6th and 7th december 2017. Read More ...
Newsletter 2018 - January
Octobre 2017, par contact@dolibarr.org (Romain DESCHAMPS)
The 2018 new year newsletter ... Read More ...
Dolibarr ERP & CRM 6.0 has been released
Septembre 2017, par contact@dolibarr.org (eldy)
Version of branch 6.0 of Dolibarr ERP & CRM is available. Version 6.0 is a major release with a lot of new features for both users and developers. You can find it on our download mirror on sourceforge www.dolibarr.org into the download area . A lot of major features were introduced into (...)
Dolibarr ERP CRM 5.0.5 (maintenance release for branch 5.0) is available
Août 2017, par contact@dolibarr.org (eldy)
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Dolibarr at OpenExpo 2017
Mai 2017, par contact@dolibarr.org (Philippe GRAND)
Dolibarr Spain, one more year, bet on the most important OpenSource event in Spain, we talk about Open Expo. Again, we collaborate as Bronze Partners, as a thank you to the organization of the event, in order to publicize our management tool and gain more visibility and propagation. The event (...)
Dolibarr ERP CRM 5.0.1 (maintenance release for branch 5.0) is available
Avril 2017, par contact@dolibarr.org (eldy)
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