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 ! SPIP2.0 (and SPIP1.92f) released

Décembre 2008, par tech-nova

For more details :

A little changelog for SPIP2.0 :
- Translation in asturiano, Burmese, Khmer (Kampuchean), Indonesian, Swedish
- Unified private interface using AJAX
- Programming interface for SQL Server (MySQL, Postgres, SQLite)
- New forms for use on the site in public and private area
- Improved interface for documents and forums (documents joints possible)
- Access to several databases from a single skeleton
- Models and pagination in AJAX by simply adding a new criterion
- Hierarchical URLs (like : http://www.example.com/sector/section1/subsection2/article_name)
- Automatic compaction of CSS and javascript files
- Amelioration of the filter system and automatic installer
- And more…

Modifications between 1.9.2e of 13 September 2008 (svn [12624])
and 1.9.2f of 10 December 2008 (svn [13443]) :

- Correction of a spelling error in the language list
- Correction of the criteria par multi titre in MySQL 5 and utf-8 (alphabetical sorting correct even with accented characters)
- Correction of the RSS of del.icio.us
- Unification of the calculation of the date of publication (now in php) in case of time lag between php and sql
- Optimization of SQL (use of the MySQL requests cache)
- Protection of redirects urls (not < or ")
- Corrections of Ukrainian
- Fix of a security problem

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