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Publié le lundi 21 avril 2008


Un site qui recense les astuces et évolutions des possibilités de SPIP.

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Creating custom tags for SPIP
Mars 2009, par tech-nova
On its blog, Thomas Sutton describes how to create your own static SPIP tags. The SPIP template language has two constructions : loops (which determine the objects to be “output”) and tags (which actually output particular values). The reasonably simple syntax of tags — most look like ”#THE_TAG” (...)
height and width of embedded documents
Janvier 2009, par tech-nova
The doc model accepts two arguments, ’hauteur’ (height) and ’largeur’ (width). They will reduce the size of the visual. in your articles, use and for the templates #MODELEdoc,id_document,largeur=150
The latest filters and pipelines for programmers
Janvier 2009, par tech-nova
The SPIP team is really active and improve it regularly. Here is a list of new functions that can help you develop plugins : supprimer_objets_lies ( array($type, $id) ) : Type : pipeline Removes the objects of plugins linked to core objects (used when these core objects are deleted) // (...)
Janvier 2009, par tech-nova
[13583] adds a logo to keyword groups
Top 20 most used SPIP plugins (and a few more)
Décembre 2008, par tech-nova
This is not a fresh news, but I’ve just read a mail that Pat sent on SPIP-ZONE. It give the complete records of the most used plugins, at the begining of October. It have been calculated with the websites declared on and some other sites. Thanks Pat for your job ! So, ladies and (...)
[13480] Search for a complete expression between quotes
Décembre 2008, par tech-nova
With this commit, SPIP can search an expression composed of a group of words. EX. : 2.0 SPIP will return anything that contains ’SPIP’ and ’2.0’ in any order « 2.0 SPIP » will return anything that contains exactly this expression
 ! SPIP2.0 (and SPIP1.92f) released
Décembre 2008, par tech-nova
For more details : A little changelog for SPIP2.0 : - Translation in asturiano, Burmese, Khmer (Kampuchean), Indonesian, Swedish - Unified private interface using AJAX - Programming interface for SQL Server (MySQL, Postgres, SQLite) - New forms for use on (...)
Howto avoid the automatic compression of your scripts ?
Décembre 2008, par tech-nova
SPIP is fantastic because it can automatically merge and compress the css and javascript files. But sometimes it can crash our scripts (especially if some parameters are stored inside). To solve it, just change, in your template, the type of your script. Instead of « text/javascript » use « (...)
[13008] Creation of an API for footnotes
Octobre 2008, par tech-nova
Until now, all the treatment of footnotes was included in inc/texte.php. This commit creates a separate file, inc/note.php, dedicaced to them. Consequence : it’s possible for a plugin to customize the code generated for footnotes
[13014] Howto make an action executable inside the public area ?
Octobre 2008, par tech-nova
Until now, it was impossible if the arguments where passed in the url. [12798], however, made it possible with a POST : The 4th arg of generer_url_action forces the production of an URL executable in the public area, even if it should use a POST (it’s also the case for (...)
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