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Advanced Debugging with JavaScript
Janvier 2009, par nospam@example.com (Chris Mills), nospam@example.com (Hallvord R. M. Steen)
JavaScript debuggers help find and squash errors in code. To become an advanced debugger, you’ll need to know about the tools available to you, the typical JavaScript debugging workflow, and code requirements for effective debugging. In this article, using a sample web application, Steen and (...)
Elevate Web Design at the University Level
Janvier 2009, par nospam@example.com (Leslie Jensen-Inman)
Web education is out of date and fragmented. There are good people working hard to change this, but because of the structure of higher education, it will take time. As part of a year-long journey to discover where we are in web education and where we need to go, Leslie Jensen-Inman interviewed (...)
Brighter Horizons for Web Education
Janvier 2009, par nospam@example.com (Aarron Walter)
No industry can sustain itself if it doesn’t master the art of cultivating new talent—an art that requires close ties between practitioners and educators. Yet web design education consists mainly of introductory Flash classes and the occasional 90s-style HTML table layout tutorial. How drastic is (...)
Semantics in HTML 5
Janvier 2009, par nospam@example.com ( John Allsopp)
The BBC’s dropping of hCalendar because of accessibility and usability concerns demonstrates that we have pushed the semantic capability of HTML far beyond what it can handle. The need to clearly and unambiguously add rich, meaningful semantics to markup is a driving goal of the HTML 5 project. (...)
Return of the Mobile Style Sheet
Janvier 2009, par nospam@example.com (Dominique Hazaël-Massieux)
At least 10% of your visitors access your site over a mobile device. They deserve a good experience (and if you provide one, they’ll keep coming back). Converting your multi-column layout to a single, linear flow is a good start. But mobile devices are not created equal, and their disparate (...)
The Discipline of Content Strategy
Décembre 2008, par nospam@example.com (Kristina Halvorson)
It’s time to stop pretending content is somebody else’s problem. If content strategy is all that stands between us and the next fix-it-later copy draft or beautifully polished but meaningless site launch, it’s time to take up the torch—time to make content matter. Halvorson tells how to (...)
Content-tious Strategy
Décembre 2008, par nospam@example.com (Jeffrey MacIntyre)
Every website faces two key questions : 1. What content do we have at hand ? 2. What content should we produce ? Answering those questions is the domain of the content strategist. Alas, real content strategy gets as little respect today as information architecture did in 1995. MacIntyre defines (...)
Getting Real About Agile Design
Novembre 2008, par nospam@example.com (Cennydd Bowles)
Agile development was made for tough economic times, but does not fit comfortably into the research-heavy, iteration-focused process designers trust to deliver user- and brand-based sites. How can we update our thinking and methods to take advantage of what agile (...)
Flexible Fuel : Educating the Client on IA
Novembre 2008, par nospam@example.com (Keith LaFerriere)
IA is about selling ideas effectively, designing with accuracy, and working with complex interactivity to guide different types of customers through website experiences. The more your client knows about IA’s processes and deliverables, the likelier the project is to (...)
A More Useful 404
Novembre 2008, par nospam@example.com (Dean Frickey)
When broken links frustrate your site’s visitors, a typical 404 page explains what went wrong and provides links that may relate to the visitor’s quest. That’s good, but now you can do better. With Dean Frickey’s custom 404, when something’s amiss, pertinent information is sent not only to the (...)

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