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Look at it Another Way
Septembre 2008, par nospam@example.com (Indi Young)
Before you can solve a user’s problems, you must see them as that user sees them. Once you understand what drives people’s behavior, not only do new ideas flow freely, but the ideas that flow are appropriate and useful. Indi Young tells how to get out of your own way and hear what your users are (...)
CSS Sprites2 - It’s JavaScript Time
Août 2008, par nospam@example.com ( Dave Shea)
In 2004, Dave Shea took the CSS rollover where it had never gone before. Now he takes it further still—with a little help from jQuery. Say hello to hover animations that respond to a user’s behavior in ways standards-based sites never could before. Hide Your Shame : The A List Apart Store and (...)
Mapping Memory : Web Designer as Information Cartographer
Août 2008, par nospam@example.com (Aaron Rester)
The rise of the social web demands that we rethink our traditional role as builders of digital monuments, and turn our attention to the close observation of the spaces that our users are producing around us. It’s time for a new metaphor. Consider cartography. Hide Your Shame : The A List (...)
Deafness and the User Experience
Août 2008, par nospam@example.com (Lisa Herrod)
Because of limited awareness around Deafness and accessibility in the web community, it seems plausible to many of us that good captioning will fix it all. It won’t. Before we can enhance the user experience for all deaf people, we must understand that the needs of deaf, hard of hearing, and (...)
Putting Our Hot Heads Together
Août 2008, par nospam@example.com (Carolyn Wood)
The web is a conversation, but not always a productive one. Web discussions too often degenerate into whines, jabs, sour grapes, and one-upmanship. How can we transform discussion forums and comment sections from shooting ranges into arenas of collaboration ? Hide Your Shame : The A List (...)
The Survey, 2008
Juillet 2008, par nospam@example.com (ALA Staff)
Calling all designers, developers, information architects, project managers, writers, editors, marketers, and everyone else who makes websites. It is time once again to pool our information so as to begin sketching a true picture of the way our profession is practiced worldwide. Hide Your (...)
How Do You Walk the Line Between Work and Home ? Share Your Best Practices With ALA
Juillet 2008, par nospam@example.com (ALA Staff)
Tell us how you overcome isolation, distractions, and temptation. How you deal with kids and deadlines. How you walk the blurry line between work and home. Share your best practices on working from home so we can present them in an upcoming issue of A List Apart. Hide Your Shame : The A List (...)
Walking the Line When You Work from Home
Juillet 2008, par nospam@example.com (Natalie Jost)
Working from home as a freelance contractor or remote employee can be a great thing, particularly if you live alone. But what if you have a spouse and/or children at home with you while you work ? Every work environment offers distractions, but those who work from home with their families face (...)
Getting Out of Binding Situations in JavaScript
Juin 2008, par nospam@example.com (Christophe Porteneuve)
Every wonder who you really are ? Congratulations ! You have a lot in common with JavaScript. Learn once and for all how to train your JavaScript to remember who it is and what it’s doing. Hide Your Shame : The A List Apart Store and T-Shirt Emporium is back. Hot new designs ! Old favorites (...)
Collaborate and Connect with Subversion
Juin 2008, par nospam@example.com (Ryan Irelan)
Managing subcontractors and distributed projects is easy and fun. No wait, that’s a lie. Luckily, a good version control may be just what you need to keep your projects on track. Hide Your Shame : The A List Apart Store and T-Shirt Emporium is back. Hot new designs ! Old favorites remixed ! (...)

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