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What does SPIP do (with or without plugins) ?
Octobre 2008, par tech-nova
Drag the map to navigate inside the functionnalities. This mind map will be translated soon. The original version on MindMeister is available here : http://www.mindmeister.com/maps/show_public/11093093 Here is a printable version in PDF (A3 format) : (...)
A small list of code tips for SPIP
Septembre 2008, par tech-nova
Howto detect if a plugin is activated : 1. PHP : if (defined(’_DIR_PLUGIN_XXX’)) /* My action for this plugin */ 2. SPIP1.9.2 : (#EVALDIR_PLUGIN_PREFIX 3. SPIP2.0 : [(#PLUGINXXX) My action for this plugin ] Howto do not display the admin toolbar in the public area : Put at the first line (with (...)
[12429] Use whatever url you like !
Septembre 2008, par tech-nova
Don’t use generer_url_article, auteur, breve, mot, rubique, site : these functions are obsolete, and should be replaced by the unique function generer_url_entite($id=’’, $entity=’’, $args=’’, $anchor=’’, private=’’, $type=’’) For example, generer_url_entite($id, ’article’, $arg, $anchor) replaces (...)
[12416] Parameters in the multilingual chains
Septembre 2008, par tech-nova
A chain can use arguments like this : <:chaineargument1=texte,argument2=#BALISE :> The more complex operation is <:module:chaineargument1=texte,argument2=#BALISE|filtre1texte,#BALISE|filtre2 :> I don’t know what to do with that (...)
[12640] New filter image_format
Septembre 2008, par tech-nova
« New » filter |image_format : it saves the image in the chosen format, and keeps its transparency ; in fact it’s a shortcut for the « transparency » option that has just added ARNO* ([12638]) to the filter |image_aplatir Example : in inc-head.html, |image_formatico for the favicon Note : (...)
 ! SPIP1.9.2e is coming out !
Septembre 2008, par tech-nova
Hi ! The changeset [12624] introduces the release 1.9.2e You can download it here : http://www.spip.net/spip-dev/DISTRIB/SPIP-v1-9-2e.zip This version includes some minor corrections since the latest release (*) : Regular expressions are now compatible with PHP5.2.6 (This is THE main (...)
[12400] favicons inside !
Septembre 2008, par tech-nova
SPIP 2.0 supports favicons (.ico extension) : it integrates a part of phpThumb, by James Heinrich (available at http://phpthumb.sourceforge.net ). Application : the favicon can be dynamically calculated and is compatible with IE6 and other modern browsers like Firefox The filter to use : (...)
[Howto] Control of the uploaded picture size
Juillet 2008, par tech-nova
You can limit the size of the uploaded pictures with the constants (in mes_options.php) : define(’_IMG_MAX_SIZE’, 0) ; # size in Kb define(’_IMG_MAX_WIDTH’, 0) ; # width in pixels define(’_IMG_MAX_HEIGHT’, 0) ; # height in pixels For documents it’s : define(’_DOC_MAX_SIZE’, 0) ; # size in Kb If the (...)
[11922] Customize the keyword box in the private area
Juillet 2008, par tech-nova
With this commit, some keyword groups can be displayed/hidden in specific sections. The customization can be done with autoriser_xxx_editermots($action,$what,$id,$who,$opts. $opts contains the id of the concerned keyword group, and also the fields of this group that can be displayed. By (...)
No, I don't like like SPIP (or try to hide it ;)
Juillet 2008, par tech-nova
config/mes_options.php < ?php @define(’_SPIP_SCRIPT’, ’joomla.php’) ; @define(’_HEADER_COMPOSED_BY’, « Composed-By : JOOMLA ») ; $GLOBALS[’spip_header_silencieux’] = 1 ; $GLOBALS[’cookie_prefix’] = « joomla » ; ?> joomla.php : < ?php @define(’_DIR_RESTREINT_ABS’, (...)

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