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How does the login form really works ?
Juillet 2008, par tech-nova
The login process seems to be quite mysterious, but thanks to the developper toolbar and Firebug you can see it completly naked 🙂 The screencast is here : http://screencast.com/t/eiiGjNt7 So it works like this : - The action is the same url (and the form can display errors). - The form (...)
The parameter « var_mode » detailled
Juin 2008, par tech-nova
4 values can be used : ?var_mode=preview : enables to display an article without publishing it. ?var_mode=calcul : refreshes the cache ?var_mode=recalcul : regenerates the templates and refreshes the cache ?var_mode=debug : shows informations relating to the page calculation (...)
Plugins : My list
Mai 2008, par tech-nova
Nagigate throught this concept map : A full screen version of the interactive map is available here : http://tech-nova.fr/blog/carte-flash-plugins.html You can download a screenshot here : (jpeg, 1.8Mb)
[11355] Overwrite a criteria for a specific loop only
Avril 2008, par tech-nova
For exemple, the function critere_AUTEURS_recherche_dist() overwrites the criteria recherche for the loop AUTEURS only. The priority order is : critere_TABLE_nomcrit() critere_TABLE_nomcrit_dist() critere_nomcrit() critere_nomcrit_dist()
[11440] SQL views in the API
Avril 2008, par tech-nova
3 new functions enable to create and delete views for PG, SQlite and MySQL : sql_get_select() : same arguments as sql_select() but returns the query without evaluating it sql_create_view($view_name, $select_request) : creates the view $view_name for the select request $select_request. (...)
[11435] MySQL views can be used in SPIP loops
Avril 2008, par tech-nova
SQL views are known to be used like tables. They enable to : - mask the schema complexity ( -> simplification of queries) - give access to a limited number of fields ( -> security) - manipulate calculated fields (sum(), max(), avg(), ..) Now you can avoid writing complexe loops by using views (...)
[11415] 3 new filters for boolean operators
Avril 2008, par tech-nova
These filters are ’et’, ’ou’, and ’xou’ (for ’and’, ’not’, and ’xor’). They work like | ?’ ’, : each filter returns a space char if the condition is verified, elsewhere it returns an empty string For example this PHP codeif ($a==’testA’ OR ($b==’testB’ AND $c==’testC’)) echo « OK » ; Can be translated in a (...)
[11400] A more secure import from old SPIP versions
Avril 2008, par tech-nova
This commit introduces a lot of things that make the import really secure : Create a set of tables with the old structure and a prefix not used Import data inside Update copy data to the actual site Of course it’s a beginning, a lot of things should be done : Make this (...)
 ! INCLURE and doublons
Avril 2008, par tech-nova
doublons arrays can be transmitted to included templates. #ENV can also transmit them. These sentences are corrects : [(#INCLUREfond=totodoublons)] spip.php ?page=article&id_article=3&doublons[articles]=1,2,89,12&doublons[documents]=15,12 Note that the (...)
What is a SPIP pipeline ? It's a hook
Avril 2008, par tech-nova
During the normal execution of several commands, call-outs are made to optional scripts that allow a developer to add functionality or checking. Typically, the hooks allow for a command to change the values of function arguments before any other call, and allow for a post-processing treatment (...)

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