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FAQ : I want to update the url value after having changed the title of my article
Janvier 2008, par tech-nova
Long title for a frequent problem ;) . when a title of an article is changed, the url isn’t automatically recalculated. It’s interresting if you don’t want to lost backlinks, but it can be disturbing because the url may not correspond to the content of the linked page. Here is the trick : Just (...)
Howto detect if a plugin is activated ?
Janvier 2008, par tech-nova
in PHP : Each plugin defines a constant corresponding to it’s execution path if (defined(’_DIR_PLUGIN_XXX’)) ... inside a template : #PLUGIN and conditionnal evaluation does your job ! [(#PLUGINXXX) doSomething ]
A lot of arguments for a tag
Janvier 2008, par tech-nova
They can sometimes be concatenated into a unique argument list : [(#MODELEembautostart=truethis=1that=anything)] #MODELEembautostart=true,this=1,that=anything [(#INCLUREsomethingid_xx=0envtruc=toto)] All these sentences are corrects. But you can’t write : (...)

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